THE PERFECT “MAN” SIZE! Does the size matter in one night stand?

When it comes to checking of sizes, men think the only thing women look out for is either the size of a shoe or of a dress but don’t get it twisted guys because there is one more important thing that women think its size is very necessary “The Penis”.perfect pbanana

So now I know the men would be wondering what is the perfect penis size and is mine that size? Sorry I cannot tell! To some women, it may seem to be less about length and more about girth, while others will openly admit to having size preferences meaning the ideal size varies from one woman to the other. For the first time, a group of researchers from UCLA and the University of New Mexico have used 3-D-printed phalluses to ascertain women’s penis size preferences. Previous studies on the subject have asked women to state a length in centimeters or to select “small, medium, [or] large,” as if they were ordering a plate of pizza. Other experiments have presented women with 2-D drawings, but what is a penis, really, without the third dimension? According to a study published today in peer-reviewed science journal PLOS One, women don’t really prefer enormous penises, they just like penises that are only slightly larger than average.

Another revelation popped up as researchers also wanted to see whether penis size preferences changed between one-night stands and long-term relationships and guess what it does. In order to conduct their study,  they asked 75 women to select which of the 33 penises would be ideal for a one-night stand. Then, they asked them to pick another for a long-term relationship. Women were also asked to fill out questionnaires, which had questions about size preferences, their sexual history, and their current sexual functioning (i.e. ease of lubrication, orgasm rates, and intercourse pain, if any). Ok so men stop wondering now because here are the results:

  • Long-Term Partner: 6.3 Inches Long With A Circumference Of 4.8 Inches
  • One Night Stand: 6.4 Inches Long With A Circumference Of 5.0 Inches

This shows that women want “anaconda” when it comes to one night stand and a little above average size when it comes to long-term relationship. So over to you guys………

Gorgeous life made simple……………….be gorgeous!!!!!

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