Success is a life time journey not an over-night miracle or a spontaneous action and one most important thing we all need to know is, it does not come on a silver platter. The efforts invested will determine the outcome just like inputs determine outputs. Our dream is becoming successful in all our doings being it marriage, career, contest etc. but the question is how do we succeed? There are a lot of successful people in this world from all walks of life so to make our journey a bit easier, the best thing is to do what they do. Though every successful person maybe unique and may have different principles towards what there do, many researches, studies, books etc. have shown that there are some common patterns that run through all of them. Below is the top 5 things almost all successful people do each day.

1. They find their “inner call” (soul searching)

Before you ask what finding your inner call or soul searching is, let me explain it. It is finding within you what you believe and know you will be good at. Don’t run to the medical school to read medicine simply because doctors are taking fat cheques or force yourself into acting because you love the lifestyle celebrities and the fame that comes with it. Steve Jobs wasn’t a Hollywood actor or president of the united states but he is known as one of the most successful man in the world. why?  Because he had the time to study himself : his passion, beliefs and what he will be good at.

2. They set great but realistic goals.

You don’t have to set a profit target at $10million at the end of the year when you just started a business with a capital of $1000  just because you have to set goals, that is unrealistic goal. Successful people set specific goal and those goals are measurable, attainable, relevant and timely so be specific about what you want to achieve, within what time duration, is it going to help your overall success and how are you going to measure your progress.

3. They are risk takers

Many of us love the word success but hate to hear risk and this is the main reason why many people never succeed in life, they are afraid of failure, disappointment and even the risk of trying but the truth is, behind every successful person, there are some years of failure, disappointments, heartbreaks and sleepless nights however these incidents became stepping stones for them to reach where they are now. Success will never come knocking on your door at your comfort zone because it begins a step away from your comfort zone so take every single chance you meet on the way, its okay to fail because it prepares you for the journey of success. Note that the real failure in is the chances we watch to pass us by. TAKE THE RISK BECAUSE SUCCESS COMES WITH IT!!

4. They help to bring out the best in others

Many people have become selfish and greedy in their workplaces, marriages and families all in pursuit of success but one notable behaviour of successful is they always bring out the best in others, they give people the opportunity to shine and they appreciate other people’s achievement so before you embark the jouney of success note that selfishness, greediness, negativity etc. are not inputs for success.

5. They are optimistic.

Success is about positivity therefore successful people focus on the positive side of all their endeavours  wherever possible—though not blindly. Optimism helps to spot opportunities even in the middle of the storm or where negative minded people don’t see.  Even though you must always plan for the future and for potential pitfalls, you must be optimistic that  there is always a light at the end of the tunnel otherwise you will turn back long before the journey even begins. Note that success comes in failure wrappers. 


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