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This article continues to look at what successful people do, any-time we talk about successful people some names come to mind automatically for instance Oprah Winfrey,  Steve Jobs, Aliko Dangote etc and we want to find out what set them apart from the man who works 6 – 8 hours a day or three different jobs in a day and still never hit the “success mark”.  Brian Tracy, a successful motivational speaker and author  says “success leaves track” and this “track” is the habits, behaviour and attitude towards life that runs through all successful people. If you want your name to come up when names of successful people are been mentioned then you have to do the following consistently:

1.  They Find a Mentor in What They do

You cannot be rich when you always hang out with poor people  or hard working when when all the people you hang out with are lazy because the fact is people imitate the behaviour of those around them naturally. How many successful people do you see sitting under trees in the neighbourhood discussing people? Therefore if you want to succeed in life, spend time with those who are already successful, listen to their conversation and emulate their behaviour.  You can read books written by these people,  listen to their audio or watch their TV interviews  if you don’t know any successful people in person. Just know success is contagious, you can catch it like flu if you want.

2. They are confident and passionate about their vision

Passion is what will keep you going when the world tries to pull you own. success is not an easy journey therefore successful people are very confident and passionate about their vision, yes! they will share with the world but they won’t allow anyone to temper with it. The road is rough, full of ups and downs but they see opportunities and possibilities when the world sees storms and impossibilities…….thus confidence and passion. 

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3. They work hard

Success comes with a lot of cost and one is hard-work. You cannot be lazy and successful. As far as I am concern, I don’t know well-known successful person who is lazy.  Working extra hours, waking up early, staying up late in the night and doing things alone are some of the dues you need to pay if you want to be successful. Success does not come to you……….you go to it!

4. They continue to learn all their lives

Learning is a never ending process and its only successful people who know this secret. Note that learning does not refers to only academics. Successful people continue to learn on their job, from the industry in which they find themselves  and from other successful people. They go for seminars, conferences, read books and listen to audio which will help them to the next level of the ladder of success. So instead of wasting your time discussing girls or fashion, you might want to spend your time reading or listening to audio of successful people.

5. Their health is their priority

Since your health is your wealth and these people know they need energy to work extra hours or stay up late in the night, they put their health first. They eat healthy, exercise, think positive and get proper rest. They take health screening and advice seriously.  No wonder you hardly see obese or extremely overweighted successful people even though, they can afford to eat and drink anything. Therefore don’t forget to put your health first on the journey of success. 

If you want to be successful, do what successful people do!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO. part2”

  1. Thanks Mizgorgeous for the wonderful tips on how to become successful in life. I was really touched at some of the things they do. Am not given up on my dream anything. I see a great woman in Africa.

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