2016 has been a very long year full of ups and downs, some people were able to achieve their targets whereas others could not even start theirs. This was not as a result of extraordinary powers we mostly call “luck” but as a result of hard work and discipline. if 2016 didn’t give you what you didn’t work for, then note that 2017 will not offer you the fresh car you have always being dreaming of, the promotion you want in your career, that beautiful wife or handsome responsible husband you need etc. unless you work for it.

The reality is 2017 is just a date in time like 2016 was and the world would not offer you what you deserve but what u work for. The following things would make the year successful if you go by the:


Let your spiritual life be a priority in this new year, no matter your religious background, building a strong relationship with your creator is an ingredient for success.. Take note that spirituality has impact in the physical world so you just have to secure that first.


We all set goals at a point in time in our lives but we mostly forget to find out if those goals are attainable or realistic or even specific. For instance you ask someone for his goal for 2017 and he goes like “i want to be rich”. To be rich is good but its very broad and unspecific, do you want to be rich in knowledge, money wise or even career wise? Set goals that are specific example: i want to graduate with a GPA of 4.0, my goal is to buy a four wheel drive vehicle in 2017, getting a masters degree in 2017 is my goal etc. These are time based and  specific goals which are measurable and attainable. Another thing is, lets face reality in setting goals, do not make a private jet your target in 2017 when you can hardly afford a three square meal. it is good to dream big but its best to be realistic to avoid disappointments.

critisicmAre you the type that has ears for only praises but not criticism? Do you see everyone that point out your mistakes or criticise you as an enemy? If yes then you are not a candidate for success because criticisms help you to improve upon yourself and make you a better person. Criticism gives you an advantage over others because it points out where you can eliminate from the goals you have set, where you can improve upon or even where you can fix new ideas.


After building a strong spiritual life, setting great goals and opening yourself for criticism, if you do not work towards those goals you have set then embrace yourself for failure, disappointment and frustration because goals do not get achieved by sleeping or by words without actions. Success is the result of hard work, learning from mistakes, discipline and persistence.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

These are few things 2017 won’t offer you and if you omit these things from your new year then you will end up living 2016 in 2017, it simply means nothing would change.


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