DO NOT LIVE 2016 IN 2017!

How can one live the year 2016 in the year 2017? is this possible at all? how can one know that he is living the year 2016 in the year 2017?

Most at times people live in the past in their present lives and they are not even aware and those who are aware think its not possible or beyond their control to change the situation they find themselves and therefore accept things the way they are. Someone failed his junior high school exams and that became the end of the road for him in education because he could not overcome that failure to try again. A lot of people are single because they caught their partners cheating or they were lied to and still hang on to that pain, ย others have also refused to marry again after their first marriages hit the rocks. These are practical examples of people living the past in their present lives…….we have people living the 90s in the 2000s because they do not know what “moving-on” means.


  • You do not look out for new opportunities or willing to take any risk and therefore gets stacked where you are whether it is in your relationship, education, business etc
  • Always thinking about what has already happened
  • Hate to talk about it or take an advice on it
  • You are always bitter and you want to control the lives of the people around you with how you feel
  • You become jealous and envious of others
  • When you think revenge is the only option you have etc.

When you find yourself doing one or more of these acts listed above then i can emphatically tell you that you are living the past in your present life.


The first and foremost thing is to accept that everyone makes mistakes no matter how successful you are or how smart and genius you are, actually mistakes are a part of every success story. If you are not making mistakes then you are not growing, you are not seeking new opportunities or taking any risk to live out of your comfortable zone and that means you are not progressing. Accept you made a mistake and be happy about it because it shows growth and mistakes are opportunities to learn from.

Now you know the mistake you made and have accepted it, the second thing you have to do is to seek an advice on it if you think you cannot handle the situation. Talk to a counsellor or some experienced people, it could be your parents or your mentor or even your pastor, sometimes that is all you need to break from that bondage. Talking to someone helps you to cry out the pain, clear your heart and head over the bitterness and calms you down. Forgive yourself and forgive all the people who hurt you in one way or the other and that is the beginning of joy and inner peace.

Its time to make a decision to let go everything and live in the present. Note that one successful step you can take is to make the decision and you do this by trying new things, seeking opportunities and taking every single chance that comes your way. Live in the moment by staying focus in the present, yes it could be you failed your mathematics exams in the year 2016 but this is the year 2017 and things are different now so do not use last year to judge this year, just try again with a different approach. Change the way you do things to be able to get different outcomes or results.

Good people, lets note that every new year, new month, new week, new day, new hour, new minute or even new second is an opportunity to start something new in your life….its a new beginning to start afresh. Life is a book so when u make a mistake on one page do not close the entire book but rather open a new page and start again.

2017 is ย a new year full of opportunities, you can get a new contract, meet a new partner, get an admission into the university, buy your dream car or even build your dream house. Let all that has happened in the past stay in the past. Open yourself up for new things and you will end 2017 with a big smile.

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