Have you wondered why some people go through life without any hustle but end up getting everything they want? Have you asked why the other applicant with the same qualities and qualification as you landed the job and you didn’t? Do you keep asking yourself how come your friend always get the “good one”?

In life, one has to pay a price for something or someone but it all depends on the price tag so then i ask, what is your price? ย Everything on the surface of earth which includes human being has a price. Your educational background, talent, personality, communication and interpersonal relationship skills, leadership skills etc. All these come together to give you a price tag, what the employer is willing to pay to keep you in the company or someone is willing to pay just to be your friend or partner. Lets take note that payment isn’t always in monetary terms but the risk or sacrifices people are willing to take for you.price-tag-1

Some people are going through life not knowing their worth therefore they are selling at a half price. You are the best candidate for that position, promotion or pay rise in the company but you don’t believe in yourself so you don’t even dream of negotiating for pay increment. You lack self-confidence and underestimate your worth so you take the blame when your partner cheats on you or even maltreats you. Life isn’t rewarding ignorance or dumbness, don’t ever think you will get everything because you deserve it…NO! YOU HAVE TO EARN EVERY SINGLE THING.


Are you willing to pay high price for inferior or defect products? Exactly! No employer is willing to pay higher for laziness, arrogance, backwardness, disobedience etc. The same way no friend or partner is willing to pay higher price for selfishness, cheating, disrespect etc. Someone with a bad personality has no choice than to sell at a lower price because nobody is willing to buy therefore you must reduce your price to the lowest or sometimes you end up offering yourself for free.


Do you know there are people selling at a higher price than expected? There are people who are very intelligent, nice inside out, humble, confident, selfless with all round excellent personality that everyone is willing to sacrifice anything to be with them. These kind of people automatically sell at a higher price.

The more you work on yourself and become a better person, the more your price goes up so instead of wondering or hating why your friend’s partner is doing everything for him/her or your colleagues are getting promotions and pay increment and you are not, just look into the mirror and ask yourself “what is my price“?

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