Life has its own ups and downs that’s the good, the bad and the ugly but there is a simple two letter word no one wants to hear or even accept in good faith. Everyone feels disappointed, disrespected, sad or not good enough when they get a NO from anyone.

Can you imagine inviting your entire family and colleagues to a dinner because you want to pop the big question to your fiancee and she ends up answering NO ?

You go for a job interview, you performed perfectly well and because of that you have announced to everyone who cares to listen that you are getting a new job but you receive an email from the human resource manager of the company that they are sorry, you didn’t meet their expectation……that’s very disappointing right?


The word NO comes in different forms for instance when your supervisor rejects your final research work, getting fired from work, when your spouse files for a divorce etc. Do you know you can’t be successful if you don’t get a NO at one point in time in your life?

Oprah Winfrey got fired at the age of 23yrs, Kevin Hart got a lot of NOs from hundreds of auditions to become an actor / comedian, Barack Obama was told he is black and can’t be the president of USA, Nicki Minaj was told Hip Pop / Rap isn’t for girls so she won’t make it in the men dominated industry etc but all these people have something in common……. they are all successful!

NO could mean a lot of things in a positive way and below are some of the things it could mean depending on the situation:

  • No is a motivational pill to energise you to go the extra mile, to push yourself  beyond your imagination to achieve what everyone doubted you could
  • It also act as a homework because it makes you go back home to work on all the weaknesses your interviewer or spouse or supervisor pointed out before giving you the big word
  • Sometimes NO means the time is not right to hit the jackpot, get employed or the university admission etc. Timing is key in every aspect of human life so when you get a NO, assess the time and season not just yourself
  • NO may mean yes you are good but not for this role that means you deserve better than what you seek or fighting for

Success has numerous ingredients and NO is one of them, don’t see it as a failure  but rather see it as a stepping stone to greatness, an opportunity to be a better version of yourself and above all to reach for the stars.

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