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THE CURVIER THE BETTER…..testimony of today’s man.

For a very long time, society made everyone believed there was a perfect body size / shape of a woman and that was the slim flat body with a little or no curves (size 0 -8) because that was the only type of body seen in TV commercials, beauty pageants, magazines etc. (check old article on a “perfect body myth”)

plus size

However, there have been a tremendous change in the type of body size / shape we see promoting clothing-lines, playing leading roles in movies, advertising products and services on social media and on TV etc. in recent times thanks to the African women who were confident enough to project their body size / shape to the world and the men are in for all the curves and extra flesh.

plus size4

Gorgeoustrends spoke to a number of men about their thoughts on curvy women and this is what they have to say………

“As a fashion photographer, working with curvy models on projects like lingerie or swimsuit shoot makes the work much easier and beautiful because all the curves come out naturally and there would be no need of wasting time on Photoshop” – Eddie

“I don’t like too much flesh but i’m always in for the bigger butt and large breast……that’s all a man needs to survive in this crazy” – Nick

“Personally, I think curvy women are beautiful, confidence and sexy. My woman is like size 8 but she has big hips and butt with some nice breast, I always feel proud when i’m at a social gathering with her because we get all the attention” – Rudolph

“Which man doesn’t like breast and butt..? Curvy women have strong sex appeal and I must say they are good in bed. Some sex positions are really meant for them.. (laughs)”  – Nana K

plus size3

The men have spoken and we could see they are down for all the curves the women are throwing at them. In short, they say the curvier the better.


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8 thoughts on “THE CURVIER THE BETTER…..testimony of today’s man.”

  1. I can boldly say 99% of men will go for curvy women. By curvy I don’t mean huge butt. I mean beautiful contour. Shape. It makes our minds melt especially when is taken from behind.

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