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The weekend is here again and its full of activities like private parties, night clubbing, pool parties etc. but one significant thing that happens during the weekend is sleepover. Ladies going to spend the night in their partners’ house or vice versa so this article is purposely for ladies and all they need to have a perfect sleepover.


The first thing you need for a sleepover is the magical bag to contain all the other items you will need for this bae journey. Mind you ladies, men love their space so they panic and also get a bit upset when they feel you are intruding or fighting over that with them. This means don’t pullover at your man’s house with a big luggage like you are moving in permanently. Choose a simple small bag that will not kill his vibe when he sees you.

lingerie2lingerie 1

One thing no lady can live without is their underwear. This means one vital item in your sleepover bag should be your lingerie. It should be nice, clean and classy because most men pay attention to those details when you are dressing up or undressing.

Sweetheart, most men if not all are not into skin and beauty products so don’t expect to find facial cream, makeup remover or skin moisturiser in his apartment. You have to save yourself the stress by picking along your makeup and beauty kit. That is another essential for a lady going for a sleepover.

Yes I know I told you shouldn’t pullover at his house with your entire closet but you need one or two simple outfits when going for a sleepover. He can surprise you in the morning with a beach or movie or sightseeing date and you don’t have to give him any excuse.

Kindly note that even though its your man’s house, you are still a visitor so it would be very thoughtful of you to bring along gift for him. This could be a bottle of wine, a box of chocolate or his favourite pizza etc. Men most often expect you to bring something edible along when visiting.

These few essential items can make your sleepover comfortable and spicy for yourself and your partner. Ladies, go for that sleepover in a simple but classy way.

Remember you can’t pullover at his house with a luggage of your entire closet!


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