The Perfect Body Myth


different-types-of-body-shapes1Set of female body types
We all have different ideas of what a perfect body is but we are heavily influenced in fact choked by societal pressures and the media simply because of the type of ‘bodies’ we see on our screen, on beauty products and magazine, on billboard and above all the kind of ladies who qualify to participate in various beauty pageants. As a result, more harm have been caused than good all in search of that ‘perfect body’.

How often have you seen articles discussing good eating habit or impact of women entrepreneurs in our societies? All we see is how to loose weight, build big breast or build bigger butt meaning the Society today tells us what kind of body image we should strive for. No wonder so many people are worried about projecting the ideal body image by taking pills, teas, butt injections and others going the extreme of cosmetic surgeries…

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