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I remember growing up when everyone was a family….every man was an uncle and every woman an Aunt. When you are walking around in the neighbourhood and you are thirsty, you can just walk into any house and ask for water to quench your thirst. After school, you can follow your friends to their house, eat together, do your homework, take a bath together and sleep. Your parents will come for you later in the evening and show appreciation to your friends and their parents. Parents will prepare lunch for their kids and make an extra package for their friends.


I also remember when every child was everyone’s child and every elder had the right to send anyone on an errand without their parents getting upset. Children will stand up for an elderly person to take their seat. I remember when on weekends or special occasions, one person will cook and share the food among everyone. We were each other’s keeper and your neighbour could question strangers entering your house or shop. Children no matter their religious background were thought to obey their elders. We lived in a unified society where love, peace and harmony were our hallmark. Life was beautiful and each one of us felt loved and protected.


Boom! Everything changed, the love, the trust and everything we stood for as Ghanaians got broken. We now see each other as a competitor so we don’t care what happens to anyone as far as it doesn’t affect us. A child can openly spit insult on an elder and walk freely because you dare not touch him/her. Have you forgotten the “you can’t touch my child” syndrome? Yep! That’s why everyone in the neighbourhood knows your child is moving with armed robbery or drug dealers or prostitution group but they are not telling you. Rape and sexual violence is on the rise because that family bond in the society is broken so the men we used to call uncles or brothers are the ones “eating us up by force”.

Someone was calling for help just next door but nobody answered, you didn’t even peep through your window to see what is happening so the next time they saw armed robbers breaking into your home, they went to sleep without causing any alarm or calling the police. We are not each other’s keeper anymore. People are being remote control by fame, money and material things forgetting their values.


Religious bodies have forgotten their purpose of existence, they don’t preach love, good deeds, unity and peace anymore.  The Ghana media is interested in who slept with whom, who got a car from sexing a politician, who went to Dubai for a vacation or who has her sex tape leaked. Social media has buried respect for the elderly in Ghana. Young people are disrespecting men of God, Queen mothers & chiefs and people of high repute and we wonder why our young ones are dying like flies, armed robbery and car accident are rampant?

Until we love our neighbour as ourselves, obey and respect our elders, religious bodies do the right we will continue to wallow in the consequences of our actions.

Our society is sick and broken! Let’s try and treat it or feel the pain.


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  1. This is true for all the world to an extent.
    A lot of things happened to change the way people interact with their neighbours/families
    First was the TV which led to people sitting at home watching their favourite programmes. Then came the mobile it’s social media.
    I was in a bar recently where I noticed six young women in their twenties sitting at a table together..all staring at their phones.
    Im not sure if there is a answer except to raise awareness of the issue.

    Keep up the good work

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  2. Wow! you have hit the nail on its head the question is what is the missing link between society then and Now?

    1. what or who is the cause?

    2. Attitude or Leadership?

    NB: watch out for more write ups on “WHY Series”

    Good work done Miss Gorgeous!!!


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