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When was the last time you had eight (8) hours of sound sleep or had enough time to sit patiently at the spa to be treated like a king/queen that you are? Have you wondered why you always forget the special days in the life of the people you care about the most? Yes! You are working hard and getting all the money but why is your body out of shape, your skin wrinkled and still changing through five (5) outfits all the time when you have a filled up closet? The answer is simple “you have lost yourself.”

The demands and wishes of life are endless and in the quest to meet them all we lose ourselves in the process. There seems to be a million reasons why you can’t take a break from your normal daily routine but there is one good reason why you need to take a break once a while…your health maybe endangered. Note that when your health is in bad condition, you can’t attend to all the activities you have buried yourself in.

Below are few things you can do probably once a month when you take a break to release stress, rejuvenate yourself and live a healthy happy life.



Family mostly comes first on the scale of preference for most people whether rich or poor, male or female. Most of the time, they are the reason why we do what we do, to be able to meet their needs and putย  smiles on their faces. Once a while (i suggest once a month), take a break from all your activities and spend time with your parents, spouse, children, partner etc. You would be amazed by what that time means to them and also the impact it will have on you. You would feel happy, loved and blessed to have wonderful people like this in your life. Family time is priceless, take a break for it.



Do you know insufficient sleep can cause skin to wrinkle, puffiness around the eye, loss of concentration etc.? Take a day out of your busy schedule to relax your brain and release tension. Spending the day at the spa is the best option because you can be taken through series of activities like facial treatment, pedicure & manicure, massage, aromatherapy bath etc. which would rejuvenate you and help you to relax your entire body. This will help you to sleep well and increase your concentration.



Giving yourself a break is also a lone time to think about nothing but yourself. You can spend this time at the beach to enjoy the sea breeze and also the beautiful work of God or at the poolside. Read your favourite book, tan your skin while you absorb some vitamin D from the sun and shut your mind to the world. At this point in time, the only person that matter is yourself and the amazing thing is, this precious time comes at a very low or no cost.



All year long, you’ll be thinking and planning on what to get your boss on special occasions forgetting yourself. Go out there once a while and spoil yourself with some gifts, don’t wait for someone to do it for you. You work hard everyday and as a result, you deserve all the good things in life. Take a break to spoil yourself with some goodies.


Having time to prepare your favourite meal is mostly aย  problem due to busy schedule so giving yourself a break for a good dinner treat is a big deal most especially if you’re a foodie like myself ๐Ÿ™‚ย  You can decide to prepare it at home or book a table at the best restaurant in town for this treat.

There are so many reasons why you really need a breakย  and these are few of them:

  • It reduces stress level and makes you more productive
  • It helps you to offer family time
  • It helps you to attend to your personal needs
  • It is good for your health
  • It increases your concentration and helps you to focus
  • It relaxes the brain and the entire body
  • It gives you the opportunity to explore new things and places
  • Stay out of the tension of social networking
  • You can catch up on old hobbies
  • Most importantly LIFE is too short and you need to live it to the fullest

Take a break today to enjoy your own company, do what makes you happy, enjoy some family time, rejuvenate yourself and live a happy fulfilled life because your are not growing any younger. Note that you deserve it!


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