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We all do appreciate the fact that Africa is a continent blessed with natural resources and great human capital. (If not slave trade wouldn’t have taken place here some hundreds of years ago) We are also aware of the challenges the continent is facing, high rate of unemployment, economic hardship, poor healthcare and education, political instability etc. Is this the Africa we can boast of and want our unborn generations to experience? The answer is obviously no. Then the question is what have we done about it? What has been our quota to the development of the Africa we wish and dream of? The truth is, for us especially the youth to see change; we have to be change managers because we are the future of this continent. To make a difference in Africa, we must go through some sort of evolution as people to be able to make an impact.


First of all, we must desire and make a decision to be agents of change.

There are people who are not willing to do anything about their situation in life no matter how bad it is, they go through life sitting on the fence and they are comfortable with whatever happens to them. This type of people don’t make any impact in the lives of others, in their community or country. Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah didn’t sit and fold their arms, they had the desire and the passion to fight for their respective countries and Africa as a whole and they actually did fight, today history remembers their names and the impact they made in our motherland Africa. The Africa we dream of, requires the zeal, enthusiasm, die-hard spirit and the decision to be agents of change.

Secondly, we must identify opportunities in the mix of challenges.

We mostly lament and complain about situations so we refuse to see any possible opportunity but for every problem there is a solution and that is the opportunity. A clear example is Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, when you and I were seeing waste all over our streets and homes, the founder of the company was seeing money. He decided to create a company out of cleaning and collecting waste and today it is one of the biggest waste management company in Africa. Start looking for opportunities in every situation, don’t let them pass you by because you are blinded by the challenges. Finding solutions to challenges is the only sure way for a better Africa.africa2

Thirdly, we have to think outside the box and be innovative.

We have to find new ways of doing things differently, efficiently and conveniently. If we keep tackling issues with the same old method, obviously we’ll get  the same results. For instance,  Voicemap is an app developed in South Africa which helps you to explore Cape Town and other locations at your own pace with VoiceMap’s walking tour app. It has offline maps, GPS autoplay and a fast growing catalogue of audio tours by bestselling authors, expert correspondents, veteran broadcasters, passionate locals, and many others.

Uber is also another example of innovation. It has made moving from one location to the other more convenient because with just a click on your phone, you are getting a car drive to your location. Someone thought of reliability, comfort and convenience in transportation and today we are all enjoying it result. Do you know Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory room on February 4, 2004 with college roommates and fellow Harvard students? The group then introduced Facebook to other college campuses. Facebook expanded rapidly, reaching one billion users by 2012. – Carlson, Nicholas (March 5, 2010). “At Last – The Full Story of How Facebook Was Founded” Business Insider. Today thanks to Facebook you can connect and do business with people around the world.


The next point is we need mentorship and skill training.

To achieve greatness in whatever you do, you need to learn and understand the trade, talent is not enough. You need an experienced person who has already travelled the path you want to take, to guide you. The experiences they have gathered so far can be a big tool for you so that you don’t repeat certain mistakes they committed. Mentorship will help you identify your strength and weakness. Baffuor Gyan was Asamoah Gyan’s mentor even though they are brothers. He taught Asamoah all that he needed to know in football when he was growing up. Since Baffuor was already an international footballer, he had the know-how to train and guide his brother. He encouraged him to go the extra mile, build on his talent, work whiles others were sleeping and today, it is paying-off.


The last but not the least point, is to understand that money is just a reward not success.

From how Facebook was founded, you could tell Mark was just looking for a way Harvard students can connect with each other. His aim wasn’t to chase billions of dollars. Bill Gate didn’t create Microsoft for him to become the richest man on earth. He loved computers and was passionate about programming but today, he is $89.9 billion richer as at 2018 according to Forbes. Money is a reward that comes with doing what you love to do best. That’s why the lifestyle of youth of today is meaningless. Almost everyone is in a hurry to be rich and to live a luxurious life but they are not ready to put in the work. That lifestyle is the reason for rampant armed robbery, fraud, internet scum cases all over the news. Just do best what you love to do and eventually money will coming knocking. When we change our mindset and attitude towards work, we’ll be successful and money will be a bonus.


We can all be agents of change and make impact in the lives of others, in our work places, our communities and nations but before then, we need to be guided by the few tips above.

“You were born with potential. 
You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. 
You were born with wings. 
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. 
You have wings. 
Learn to use them and fly.” 
― Rumi



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