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Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey without destination. It takes passion, dedication, hard-work and perseverance to go through this journey. When you take a decision to make changes in your life, you become so excited about it because you can picture the results in your mind’s eye.

However, you will need more than excitement to start and stay on the journey. For this reason, I want to help you with guidelines before you start and which can also help you stay glued to your new lifestyle.


There is a reason if not reasons for every decision one makes therefore you should know and understand why you want to start a fitness lifestyle. Is it because everyone in your household is working out? Your partner requested you stay fit? Is it because of how fitness lifestyle is being paraded on social media? Is it because you want to change your body and lifestyle? You should be able to find the reason within yourself. The reason for your decision will help you set a goal and commit to it so examine yourself and find out the reason for you decision.


It is good to set goals but it is best when the goals are realistic and achievable within a certain time frame. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight and it’s at losing 10kg per week, this is an example of unrealistic goal. Unrealistic goal will make you lose faith in yourself, frustrates the whole process and lose interest because it may seem you are doing it all wrong. Based on your strength and weakness, set a goal you can achieve and stick to.


Fitness journey does not only begin and end at the gym even though that is what majority believe can give the best result. It’s difficult to decide as to which one to settle on since both have their own pros and cons.

Home workout is cheap because you don’t need to pay for membership, you also cut out the cost of transportation to the gym and investing in active wears. It’s very convenient because you can workout at anytime, anywhere in the house and in any outfit. However, home workout can be very boring with time as there will be no variety in the workouts. You may also end up finding excuses of why you can’t workout. For example, you will find yourself watching TV, filing your nails, surfing the internet etc. instead of working out.

Gym on the other hand comes with a lot of motivation. Paying for gym membership is one source of motivation because you would want to get value for the money invested. Again, the atmosphere is filled with friendly competitive vibes which could be very encouraging, and you even end up finding a workout partner. However, apart from the membership payment, gym has other demerits. For instance, you may not feel comfortable all the time in there especially during rush hours when the gym is packed with people, sweat everywhere and all equipment occupied. Sometimes, gym can be very intimidating for beginners because they may feel lost in the mix of advanced fitness enthusiasts. Both gym and home workout have pros and cons so weigh your commitment level and resources then decide which one to go for.


Finding information on where to start, which equipment to use to achieve a particular result, the type of exercise to do and having in-depth understanding of your new journey can be stressful and sometimes discouraging hence the reason to consider a personal trainer or a fitness coach. A fitness will assess your age, body weight, medical background etc. and provide you with perfect guidelines that will help you achieve your goal. If you can’t afford a coach, you can do a one-off consultation or signup for a few personal training sessions per month to guide you from the beginning.


Get yourself a few collections of active wear, running shoes, water bottle, towel, gym bag and any other item that you would need for this new journey. Make sure the shoes and active wear are comfortable to avoid injuries during workouts.

After going through these guidelines successfully then you are good to begin the journey.

Note that when you have interest in something, you do it when it’s convenient for you but when you are committed to something, you will make sacrifices just to do it and that’s the kind of commitment you will need for a fitness journey.


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