Dubai, one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates undoubtedly has the world’s most breathtaking edifices. It hosts the world’s tallest and second tallest buildings, the largest flower garden, biggest shopping mall in the world and more. Dubai has written its name in the stars when it comes to tourism and hospitality.

However, one thing in Dubai that is gaining the attention of the world is the beauty industry. Dubai can boast of thousands of world-class beauty salons, spas, skin clinics, cosmetic and plastic surgery centres, not to mention all the beauty retail stores across the length and breadth of this amazing city. The services to expect at beauty salons include hair treatment,  hair extension, permanent and non-permanent makeup, facial treatments, pedicure, manicure etc.


Body scrub, Moroccan bath, aromatherapy,  massage, tanning are some of the services offered in the spas. One can never walk into any of these beauty lounges and come out the same, he/she will surely see the beauty effect on the hair, nails or skin. The most beautiful thing about beauty salons and spas in Dubai is that, they mostly have separate salons for gents and ladies respectively. This means, every client is attended to in a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The ladies can have their girl talk openly and the gentlemen can watch and argue about their football matches in peace.

The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. – Mark Twain

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it can predict how healthy one is, this is why taking care of the skin must be a priority not an option. In addition youthful, glow and flawless skin does not happen by miracle  but by investment. Just a visit to any skin clinic in Dubai will bring your dream-skin into reality. This is because skin clinics in Dubai have state of the art equipment and top-class dermatologists who can examine your skin to know its exact needs and provide just that. The most sought-after  treatment is laser hair removal and laser skin treatment. However, these clinics offer a lot of skin care services including acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, wart removal, stretchmarks treatment, anti-ageing solution, hyper-pigmentation solution  etc.


Gone were the days when any time cosmetic and plastic surgery is mentioned, Beverly Hills, USA comes up. Beverly Hills was a dream destination for anyone who wanted to get an aesthetic procedure done because it was the host of celebrity surgeons but today the story has changed. People now travel from different countries to Dubai to get lip augmentation, rhinoplasty,  liposuction, oral surgery, tummy tuck, brow lift etc. All these procedures and more are performed by licence medical professionals using ultramodern and hi-tech medical equipment. Again, since the happiness and comfort of clients is the priority of service providers in the beauty industry, there are online consultation, appointment booking and payment services which make it easier for clients especially those outside Dubai.


Everyone most especially the “social media generation” is constantly on the hunt for perfect set of teeth, flawless skin and gorgeous body and this is why the beauty industry is booming.  Dubai has been on the spotlight for its love for spectacular architectural designs, however Dubai’s beauty tourism is surging upwards at a faster pace. No wonder Hollywood music goddess Rihanna chose Dubai to launch her much talked about lip paint “uninvited” in 2018.

Follow up articles detailing individual services providers in the beauty industry would be coming soon but for the meantime if you are searching for a destination for all your beauty needs, it’s Dubai.



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