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Smile is the best makeup every human being can wear and it doesn't only brightens your face but also shines through the lives of others. A simple smile can easily makes someone's day and this is the reason why Rona Rabah Dental Clinic has decided to create beautiful bright smiles, one client at a time.… Continue reading RONA RABAH DENTAL CLINIC OFFERS A COMPLETE SMILE MAKEOVER

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If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. Margaret Thatcher This is what the beautiful, intelligent and hardworking long legged screen goddess Yvonne Nelson stands for. She walks her talk....maybe its because she's got the legs. 🙂 Yvonne was born in Accra but she is a Fante… Continue reading YVONNE NELSON – THE YAA ASANTEWAA OF OUR TIME.


The Perfect Body Myth


different-types-of-body-shapes1Set of female body types
We all have different ideas of what a perfect body is but we are heavily influenced in fact choked by societal pressures and the media simply because of the type of ‘bodies’ we see on our screen, on beauty products and magazine, on billboard and above all the kind of ladies who qualify to participate in various beauty pageants. As a result, more harm have been caused than good all in search of that ‘perfect body’.

How often have you seen articles discussing good eating habit or impact of women entrepreneurs in our societies? All we see is how to loose weight, build big breast or build bigger butt meaning the Society today tells us what kind of body image we should strive for. No wonder so many people are worried about projecting the ideal body image by taking pills, teas, butt injections and others going the extreme of cosmetic surgeries…

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DO NOT LIVE 2016 IN 2017!


How can one live the year 2016 in the year 2017? is this possible at all? how can one know that he is living the year 2016 in the year 2017?

Most at times people live in the past in their present lives and they are not even aware and those who are aware think its not possible or beyond their control to change the situation they find themselves and therefore accept things the way they are. Someone failed his junior high school exams and that became the end of the road for him in education because he could not overcome that failure to try again. A lot of people are single because they caught their partners cheating or they were lied to and still hang on to that pain,  others have also refused to marry again after their first marriages hit the rocks. These are practical examples of people…

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